12 Months 12 Songs

WhatI’ve started a musical adventure and we’re quickly sloping into uncharted territory….Each month this year I’m recording and releasing a previously unrecorded song of mine, available on my website. At the end of the project, the compilation will be released on vinyl (pending demand).


I’m working with various musicians and producers to bring each song from the curly depths of the imaginatorium into the bright and unforgiving light of the real world for your aural ingestion and inevitable judgement. Various lovely and talented people are involved – check out the song credits each month to see who’s been part of it, and keep posted for what’s coming up next!


The way ‘we’ listen to music has changed, so ‘they’ tell us (you tell me!). The song is King, again. I wanted the freedom to explore each song, without musical decisions being affected by the pressure to mould all the songs into a specific genre category or definition. The 12 Months 12 Songs project means recording each song with only the song in mind. Each song it’s own little musical sculpture and a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

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