September – Dynasty

“Dynasty”, by Jane McArthur


To be in a relationship, an everyday thing. An experience common to almost everyone, at least once in their life. Yet an experience of vast potential effect with the capacity to change you, free you, imprison you. Caricature empires and sand-pit democracies are created and destroyed in time-lapse sagas played out to the keen rhythm of the beating heart.

For an ingredient so integral to existence it must be one of the most written about, pondered, glorified, and lamented-over topics. We still haven’t collectively worked it out it seems. Singers sing and writers write and we search to understand the elusive something that makes it work and holds it together and makes it bigger than it should be.

From the outside relationships appear simple, definable, a little shabby even – the equation of benefit and compromise disappointingly obvious, definitely a little messy, or sometimes hyperbolised into shiny perfection – but always simple, reduced, a little bit ordinary. So different to the feeling on the inside – like the tardis – enormous and complex in comparison.

The modest outer-suburban block, a cramped kitchen counter, a backyard receiving almost-enough-attention; the understated settings of the daily machinations necessary for the blossoming of a Dynasty. The secret names, the repetition of symbolic touch, the hushed hallway conversations; the inaudible anthem. A tiny symphony.

What magic is this that has the power to bend space-time and break the Law of Conservation of Energy by creating something more than the sum of it’s parts? Tell me. Tell it to me.




Dynasty (Jane McArthur, c&p 2015)

Eyes wide open as the heart that’s never learned to smart from stupidity, anything you want to see, call it here, fantasy’s connected like a shadow to reality.

There’s nothing but the fiction written any time you blink in time with what you think it should be. We could make a dynasty, endless for it’s forty years and two square metres that the others would see.

So tell it to me.

What dance soars light with heady flight, yet safe and steady, tight at the heart of it? What’s the sound of symphony, written by a ‘you and me’ that pulls hearts focus back to honesty?

I listen like a ninja in the middle of a blind-fold battle when the universe speaks. One day I’ll hear what you got, shallow-wave cosmic shock: the perfect harmonic to the centre I seek.

So tell it to me.


PhotosWritten and sung by: Jane McArthur

Electric guitar: Jane McArthur

Drums: Ryan Brewer

Cello: Melanie Robinson

Violin: Xani Kolac

Strings arrangement: Yen Nguyen (10 Kinds Of Handsome)

Produced, engineered and mixed: Yen Nguyen (10 Kinds Of Handsome)

Recorded at: The Aviary (The Aviary)

Mastered: Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)



  1. Philip Harrington says:

    Hey Jane – So beautiful, simple and deep at the same time. And I love the text intro to the song – it’s a great insight into this paradox of the emotional space we live our lives in…how we are driven to try and share it with others, knowing the dangers and hoping for rewards that may not be there…or maybe they will? It’s great to step back and look at the whole process with a wry eye…before falling again…. 🙂

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