July – Only Love


“Only Love”, by Jane McArthur  




Only Love (c&p Jane McArthur, 2015)

Heart beats beating

Words lose meaning.

A gentle thunder in my ear,

Love rushed blood is all I hear.

Now you’re leaving

With facts deceiving what’s really in my heart.

Your truth a smoke cloud around my head

Dissipating so fast, too fast to be read.


And truth is


At the best of times.


When we strip back all the fear

There’s only the love that you feel

And all the clumsy things that you say

No longer get in the way.


Something drives me

But it is nothing like me.

I’m but a creature in the dark

Blind without the light that shines

From a free heart.

I can’t see you

There is an outline but you’re see through.

Or is that just my eyes?

Clouded by a premonition

Of an unformed loves demise.


And truth is


At the best of times

But worse, through this


State of mind.


Sometimes things get out of line

When your heart’s beating double time

And all the clumsy things that you say

Just go and get in the way.

So just strip back all the fear

Until there’s only love that you hear

Then all the clumsy things that you do

Come from a place of truth.


Written and sung by: Jane McArthur

Guitar: Jane McArthur

Bass: Ben Wicks

Drums: Ryan Brewer

Trombone: Wesley Mowson

Baritone saxophone: Jack Beeche

Tenor saxophone: Ron Romero

Horns arrangement: Yen Nguyen (10 Kinds Of Handsome)

Produced, engineered and mixed: Yen Nguyen (10 Kinds Of Handsome)

Mastered: Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)

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