December – Come What May

I’m ready for the next bit. Come what may.

Thank you!!!! for joining me on this year long recording adventure. It’s been huge in every way and your feedback, comments and enjoyment have helped me through the moments when it felt like a task too large. It feels good to draw a line under this period of time, reflect, enjoy, rejuvenate and daydream new plans and better habits for the year ahead, still a blank canvas ….. that’s what this tune is about for me. I hope you enjoy it.

“Come What May”, by Jane McArthur


For a free download of Come What May – click the image below. It might make for a peaceful start to your Christmas day or New Years eve!


Till next year, enjoy your free time with loved ones this summer, and stay safe and healthy!! See you soon!



Come What May (Jane McArthur, c&p 2015)

Come what may, let it come.

Forgive yesterday, sometimes everything has to come undone.

I’ve been broken before, put back together with more, so

Come what may, let it come.


Come what may, bring it on.

When I can’t see the way I’ll follow the sweet sound of people singing this song.

I know I’ll be in fine company, so

Come what may, bring it on.


Come what may, let it unfold.

My strength I weigh, but the size of it is a story untold.

I want to know how the next verse goes, so

Come what may, let it unfold.


I hear them talk of beauty and they talk of youth

But I ain’t ever felt young and the only beauty I see is in truth,

I’m walking with my eyes and my heart open wide

And each step takes me a little bit closer.


Come what may, let it come to pass.

I called parley with all the demons still shouting out from my past.

I struck a deal and found freedom real, so

Come what may, let it come to pass.

Come what may, let it come

Come what may, let it come.


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Written and sung by: Jane McArthur

Electric guitar: Jane McArthur

Piano, organ, keyboard, drums, bass and vocals: Simon Burke

Produced, engineered and mixed: Tristan Ludowyk

Recorded at: The Aviary (The Aviary)

Mastered: Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)

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