March – Waiting For The Sun

March sees the days becoming noticeably shorter and definitely nippier. Is it just me or does it feel like summer has been a bit brief? It might be a long wait for the summer sunshine again, but I do look forward to the cosier moments of winter too, the Tasmanian speaking.

I’m stoked to share Waiting For The Sun with you. It is a respectful nod to some of my favourite soul artists, and to impermanence, flux, seasons.

12 Months, 12 Songs is only 3 months old and has already offered some amazing experiences. This song has seen the handiwork of some of Melbourne’s finest and has put a great big old smile on my face! Most of all it has been awesome to meet and work with such genuine legends and awesome people. Thank you to all involved.

We are having a special launch concert for this one – Sunday 29th March – it’s going to be all of the funtime and only 40 tickets available so don’t miss out! Let’s farewell the summer and welcome the clarity of autumn with one last shebang:

Get your tickets here! 

[Please note: Four Leaf Sessions holds a list of names as reported through paypal at the time or purchase (so make sure you give your real name and bring some ID to the gig!). Also be sure to put your correct email address in because this is how we reveal the concert location after ticket purchase. The venue location is in Northcote.]

Hope you enjoy it. Really looking forward to launching with you!



“Waiting For The Sun”, by Jane McArthur


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Waiting For The Sun (c&p Jane McArthur, 2015)

I was waiting for the sun to fall at our feet,

I was waiting for our love to rise and defeat

All the trouble and the strife

Thrown up by life, but it seems

It was never going to be that way.


You were hoping for the cool promise of spring,

You were hoping that a change in the seasons might bring

Better odds for holding tight

Through long, lonely nights, but it seems

It was never going to be that way.


We long for the kiss of summer when we’re held tight in winter’s embrace,

Forgetting the only thing that doesn’t change is nothing stays the same.


We were dreaming autumn days had brought us reprieve,

Dreamt our troubles fell away like autumn leaves;

Orange, rust and golden brown –

We kicked them around, but it seems

It was never going to be that way.


But the sun’s going to shine again,

It was never going to be that way.

Cause nothing ever stays the same,

The sun’s going to shine.


Written, arranged and sung by: Jane McArthur

Guitar: Tom Martin

Keys: Joe Cope

Bass: Jorge Rodrigues

Drums: Jeremy Hopkins

Backing Vocals: Hailey Cramer

Produced and Recorded: Cesar Rodrigues (Blank Tape Music)

Mixed: Tristan Ludowyk (HopeStreet Recordings)

Mastered: Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)



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