October – Arsonists

“Arsonists”, by Jane McArthur




Arsonists (Jane McArthur, c&p 2015)

You’re leaving again. This time feels like the last time.

I guess we’ll never know till the verdict is read.

Until we find out what the coroner said, read the forensic report,

Dig up all of the fears that were buried,

And wake all of the truths that were playing dead.

I’m sorry if it ever felt like I was trying to change you,

I guess it’s just the way that I treat myself.

When so much of love is complicity; collusion in crimes of the heart,

I was pushing for life, not a habit:

The same record picked from the same shelf.

I believed you when you said you wanted everything.

But if we chase every one of our dreams, maybe we end up with none of them?

Why did you let it go so far, let me fall so hard

If your heart wasn’t really in it?

Why did I let us fall apart, while we fused our hearts,

If I never really meant it?

There’s a fire burning, and I know that you feel the heat.

but you got your back to the flames.

And I’m screaming, ‘Danger! we gotta fight this or we gotta run’

But you said ‘hush girl don’t worry, it’s just silly little kids playing games’

Never had I heard words that rang so true.

But we couldn’t see that the arsonists were me and you.

We were dancing so fast around one another,

We made our own gravity field.

And everything got sucked in and torn down.


Written and sung by: Jane McArthur

Electric guitar: Jane McArthur

Electric Guitar: Nick Lam

Drums: Ryan Brewer

Bass: Tim Keegan

Produced, engineered and mixed: Fraser Montgomery (The Aviary)

Recorded at: The Aviary (The Aviary)

Mastered: Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)




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