January – Just Ain’t Enough

Even though I wrote this song a couple of years ago now, it seems a fitting place to begin 12 Months, 12 Songs in 2015.

Another fresh start.

A nod to messy complexity.

A shout out to the intangible, the unknowable, of things that work. The elusive something that lubricates daily life and relationships when things flow naturally, or that we blame ourselves for the absence of if things aren’t going so well – even though we are perhaps less of the architect than we like to think.


So here is the song. Have a listen below. If you’d like your own copy to keep you can choose what you pay to download (and choose either an mp3, flac or wav file). Lyrics and song credits below also, in the absence of CD liner notes at this stage.


“Just Ain’t Enough”, by Jane McArthur


Just Ain’t Enough (mp3 download)


Just Ain’t Enough (flac download)


Just Ain’t Enough (wav download)



Just Ain’t Enough (c&p Jane McArthur Jan 2015)


Looking back on the sum of our days

All the love we’ve lost, all the love we made.

And when I look around, we had nothing better or worse

We just couldn’t make it work.


The sun’s shining outside but I can’t see through my tears.

My friends tell me it’s going to be alright but I can’t see through my fears

That it’s not a question of love.

What if love just ain’t enough

To make it work.


How are we supposed to learn to love again

When we couldn’t stop our love from falling through the cracks?

And how are we supposed to build a life out of love

When it’s just made up of the stuff that happens in the gaps?


Now you go back to your life and I go back to my whiskey and my wine,

Once these stubborn tendrils around my heart have untwined,

Once all this love we spilt has dried, and we forget just how very hard we tried

To make it work.


Recorded and mixed by Al Future at the Avalon Futurium, Hobart, Tasmania


Mastered; Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)

Written and arranged by Jane McArthur

Produced by the musos and Al

Guitar and vocals: Jane McArthur

Guitar: Pete Cornelius

Bass: Hamish Houston

Drums: Beau Thomas