February – All This Love

A short, simple song for a short, simple month.

I have heard the luscious drone of the Irish Pipes playing alongside in my mind’s ear for this song since the beginning. I didn’t realise until now how hard it would be to find a musician to play with though. I’ve since learned it’s quite an (incredibly) complicated instrument to play and there are few dedicated players on the ground in Australia. A few months after putting out the call to some friends in the know, I met Pat Lyons. Pat plays traditional, flat bore Pipes, made by Geoff Wooff. If it weren’t for 12 Months 12 Songs, I’m not sure I would have found a reason to record this tune and have the good fortune to indulge my love of a melancholy slow air, sitting beside this amazing instrument with it’s leather lungs and complex harmonics. What an immense treat.

Hello my celtic past, welcome to the party.

Hope you enjoy it.



“All This Love”, by Jane McArthur


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All This Love (c&p Jane McArthur, 2015)

Lover, won’t you come here,

And we can share the night time.

Baby, I’m so lonesome

On my ownsome, right now.


All Life offers is right now.

Just as sunrise melts the darkness

Things that were will fade and blur

As time keeps rolling on.


We live our lives like islands in the sea

And all this love I got, is wasted on me.


So lover, won’t you come here?

We can build a pyre.

And watch it burn away our yearnings

For love’s sweet dying breath.


Written, arranged and sung by: Jane McArthur

Pipes: Pat Lyons

Guitar: Megan Bernard

Recorded and Mixed by MeJu

Produced by MeJu and Jane McArthur

Mastered; Adam Dempsey (Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering)

MeJu are Megan Bernard and Kalju Tonuma


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