Thornbury, Victoria, Australia
Thornbury Local
  • 7:00 PM

Support for James Fahy - EP Launch

635 High St, Thornbury, Victoria 3071

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Here’s what James says about it:

FREE! And launching an EP so you KNOW IT’LL BE GOOD

Hey there’s this great show coming up – it’s in a place called The Thornbury Local on High Street. I’ll be launching my new EP, Habits, ably supported by Jane McArthur, and it’ll be free, and the bar is really lovely, they have delicious cheap pizzas and lots of great acts have played there over the years.

It’s a really great place because you can sort of sit back and enjoy the ambience or you can come up front and sit in this little couch cul-de-sac wherein immediate interaction with the act is made extremely likely because we’ll be basically touching. I love that in a show because the interaction is the second best bit after the music obviously I mean everyone has their own Hierarchy of Needs* and either way who can pin a number on these things.

I’ve been keen to see Jane for ages because last time I saw her she was on a real guitar-exploring song-magic bent and so this is my chance to soak up some of that magic and for all of y’all to get introduced to Beater, the crazy beat-up guitar I bought for $20 at an antique shop and upon whom I recorded Habits. He’ll only play a couple of songs, sort of a cameo, because he is crazy to play. Anyway it’ll be nice.

Any questions? Come at me! I can answer literally anything.


James Fahy